Monday, July 16, 2012

A Bear with a Fantasy

"You're new"; text message from a DC 202 number. Interesting way to start a conversation, perceptive to boot. Why yes, I am, relatively new, I suppose. Another follows: "I'm a daddy bear with a fantasy." I'm already intrigued. The fantasy is father son discipline. I'm the son of course, and I'm instructed to wear tight fitting underwear and tight fitting shorts. No problem, the address is a large high-rise in crystal city. Dad will be waiting outside. I arrive a few minutes early, drive in somewhat concerned that I'm not supposed to be parking there without a permit. The engine of convertible Mercedes starts up. I'm relieved not to be stood up.

I approach the car with a wide smile expecting small talk. I'm cut off before even speaking by a sternly voiced question: "Chris?" "Yes" I reply and get in. "You're late": he's glaring at me with rather striking blue eyes. I glance at my wristwatch, I thought I was early, at least by a few minutes. "I am?" I'm somewhat confused, how silly of me, I should have realized that I was 'ON'. I'm instructed to turn over as he uses an electronic control to recline the passenger seat. I undo my belt buckle as he caresses my buttocks. He pulls down the shorts rather roughly and smacks my butt cheeks, "How dare you make me wait!" We park a few floors down and I'm instructed to pull up my shorts but leave my belt undone. We walk towards the elevator, he tells me to put my hands against the wall. He's muttering criticisms, furious with my disobedience as he molests my growing erection, inner thighs, buttocks and torso. I look around for cameras or people, it's late but there are still some cars in the lot. He's talking about how much of a disgrace it is that I'm hard, that I'm enjoying myself. I'm to address him only as Sir.

We take the elevator up to a large office suite, which he unlocks and directs me towards a large office. There is a large wrap-around sofa big enough to seat ten or more people. He sits at the corner of it. "Get over here" he says, as he spanks me and proceeds to strip my clothing from my body one article at a time throwing each item across the room as he proceeds. The spanking is getting harder but not at all unbearable. He unbuckles his own trousers and rubs his erection against my own. My butt cheeks are stinging and I'm instructed to beg for mercy. The first few times I'm told that I'm not convincing enough. This guy is a serious role-play participant. He finally gives in to my request and I'm instructed to stand naked in front of him, then to bend over. He pulls my buttocks apart and gently tongues at my anus with his warm moist tongue. It's a beautiful sensation, his goatee beard tickles and I'm in ecstasy as I peer through my legs at his erection. He lays back and starts jerking, I begin kissing his inner thighs and as I go to suck his erection I'm stopped. "No" he says, "I'm not into that." I'm dumbfounded but I comply. "I'm sorry Sir" and I climb back up and lay across his lap. He's masturbating me with his left hand and spanking me with the right. I ejaculate heavily across his stomach and crotch, "You've embarrassed yourself" he grunts as he switches to jerk himself off. I can feel drops of his cum fall on my stinging buttocks and lower back.

In the elevator down he's a different person, relaxed and soft spoken. "You have a great ass, very round and muscular." He hands me a huge wad of cash. It's $400 in $20 bills, not bad for a half hour after my gym routine. Not bad at all. "Next week if I'm not too busy and wear a jockstrap."

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