Saturday, March 12, 2016

A sweet chubby little man that works in pharmaceuticals

He's been a regular for the past three weeks now. Got a text from him telling me that he saw my profile and that I was new. I said that I was, he said he want's a nice boy to suck him and take his nut on the weekend. Told me he was a chubby married exec. Needs to get off occasionally with a man. He offered $400 for taking his nut and the came to a hotel near me.

I was a little nervous, after having been away from paid action for several years I'm back turning tricks. He gave me the room number so I was able to walk right in. He was happy, I think straight off he liked me. He asked me a few questions about what I study. He seemed endearing, short chunky chubby man, probably a scientist type. All was well and he asked me into the bedroom, I began to strip and he watched and enjoyed. l left my calvin clein black briefs on and got to my knees in front of him. He takes out a rather small erection but still a cute and clean piece. He switched porn onto the television and I went down on him on the bed. He came fast, and heavy inside my mouth. He handed me a towel to spit it out in, which I did and threw it on the bathroom floor.

There was a lot of volume, big shooter that saved up. He wanted me to cuddle and jerk myself off, so I did and he was very flattered that his putting his limp little dick back into my mouth got me off. He asked if I took viagra for clients and was surprised that I don't. He seemed to like me a lot. His key thing is that he need the guy to take him cum in his mouth. His load is huge, he really fills up your mouth, he's one of these guys that saves up and cums crazy heavy loads.

So then got me to massage his feet, short round chubby feet, clean ones. No problem, I kissed and licked around the toes and he got hard again. I sucked him off as he played with my dick, again rock hard and I swallowed his second load.

He sent me home with $700 and only 20mins work time on the clock. I was feeling good for the weekend. Hopefully he'll be a regular for me.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Strategy of the escort - getting it wrong and right

So, as you might guess, us rentboys do try to do some preliminary research. In order for a client to contact me he must reveal either an email address and often a phone number too. The power of Google is great, and sometimes you can find out all you need to know. My preferred clients are older married business exec types. I have nothing against gay men but the ones that seek out escorts sometimes do it for the wrong reasons. I'm looking for straight-laced guys that need to bust a nut, not party guys looking for edgy, risky stuff.

Client number one contacted me via text. I googled his number which had previously been attached to a law firm. I became convinced he was a hot high-power lawyer. So convinced, I agreed to meet him without having a phone conversation. I normally speak to someone before agreeing to meet. I thought this guy was going to be fun. Fuck google. This guy was a freak, I should have known by the less than glamorous hotel that I made a mistake in my research. His hotel door was open and he was watching porn. The room was dark otherwise, couldn't make him out at first. As soon as he opened his mouth I knew I'd made a mistake. If you've seen the Dallas Buyers Club, this guy looked like he belonged in certain scenes. So bad, in fact that I turned right around a left the room. I figured there was nothing much to say so I just left. It's not an enforceable contract. He did follow, but he stopped half-way down the corridor. I think he just wanted to freak me out, and freak me out he did. I think I was doing 60 by before I even left the parking lot. I'm pretty sure I would have made my realization sooner if I had insisted on a phone call. Bad judgement...bad. Lesson learned though.

Client number 2 was a different story. I did research him correctly. Married exec in the pharmaceutical industry. Short chubby, shy, endearing. My 'type' I like 'em like that. He was very enthusiastic about my body. He seemed to like everything about me. He was determined to 'last' but of course he couldn't ... so I jerked off for him after he caught his breath and he caressed my body as he watched. It was very enjoyable, he's going to be a repeat client.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Back in the Game 50 shades of grey

After a rather long hiatus where I just maintained minimal relations with a few select clients I have neglected to update my website. I'm glad to see that it's still attracting visits from all over the world. My graduate studies have been quite demanding on my time and the serendipitous supplementation of my funding I found like time and less financial need to pursue further clients. I also, given the toning down of my schedule, gave up my profile on men for rent. So for the time being I'm working with regular clients including one client who used to be a non-paying lover.

He's a regional sales manager traveling through the area on a regular basis. Married bear, very hairy deep voice, hung. Sweet smile, like me a lot agreed to become generous. I wasn't sure about this move, moving from the personal to the business relationship. He was getting a little overly attached, started offering to pay for certain things. So I decided to put it straight to him, surprisingly he agreed. We're exploring a little kink. He likes to piss on me, and I like it too. He comes over early in the morning and I kneel naked in the shower. Feels warm and exciting, it really has little odor since it's the result of a water only breakfast and little color. Slightly salty taste on the tongue. Followed by facial ejaculation which feels wonderful as he smears it across my cheeks and across my lips as I finish myself off.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Southern Republican Mess

I need to join forces with a therapist. I suppose I am a sort of therapist, providing a sort of therapy but when the client is flipping from lustful fantasy to disgusted self-contempt I'm not totally at ease with the situation. The rentboy scene - in my experience of it - is far less conducive to lies and distortions than I would have imagined. In general, more than in the dating scene, clients present themselves accurately. Why wouldn't they? They're paying for a service not seducing a stranger. Most don't seek anything unusual and the ones that do tend to be diplomatic about it.

This guy emailed me from his person email, which happened to be a gmail account, as a result of this I got to see his photos from google plus, I don't use google plus, by my email is a gmail and I half filled out a profile at some point, in brief, he unwitting sent me his face picture, his position and some personal infromation which he has published on google plus. I'm sure he doesn't realize this. Based on his Romney Ryan lawn flag, I'm sure he's a log cabin republican. Cute but tragic, four or five whiskies into the evening he emails me, looking for an anonymous scene, dark room, playing porn, no talking, just porn playing in the dark and my mouth on his cock. He said he'd "never done this before" which I assumed to mean a rentboy but may well have been a man. First he made a no-show, emailed to apologize, and promised to come later that night. I'd pretty much given up on him after the no show; in my experience one no-show is as good as ten. Then he called me, for reasons unknown to me I answered and thought he sounded sweet. I told him to come back and settled down with a book fully expecting another no-show extravaganza from him. Didn't shower, didn't pretty myself up in any way. Although, I suppose he didn't see that. Ha! When he came through the door, he was visibly drunk, he smelled like bourbon and cigars. He stood in front of the gangbang porn I had playing and unzipped. As disgusting as this sounds, I was totally turned on. I was rock hard before my lips touched his cock. His hands were shaking. I probably would not have agreed to something like this if I didn't already know that he was a harmless, churchgoing family man / CEO in his small rural town. He was a middle-aged dark haired white man with a trimmed beard. Looked the part of a southern republican. It was exciting I have to admit, especially feeling him get hard in my mouth, knowing that he was enjoying it in spite of himself.

He made me work that self-hating republican cock. He didn't want to cum too soon either. Each time he got too close, he pulled out of my mouth and made me lick his balls. He started getting verbal too. Calling me a cocksucking bitch. He didn't ask for permission to do this, but little did he know, the slutboy that I am I was totally into it. I think I got him to the edge of ejaculation four or five times. It wasn't difficult, he chose to lay on the bed and have me kneel to service him. At this point he was getting pretty full on with the verbal. He was referring to me as a whore by now. Dangerous move, on his part, to do that, without permission, you never know whether someone will take something lightly as meaningless sexual posturing and role play and what might really, genuinely offend, anger and upset someone.

He got lucky with me, I'm pan sexual with my fantasies. I like to try it all, I was always asked or expected to be dominant but it always made me want to be submissive, to experience the other side. This in particular, i.e. being called a whore out of left-field with no warning was exciting and serendipitous. I've wanted that to happen for some time. I mean, if you're going to have to ask someone to call you a whore why not just look in the mirror and do it to yourself? I am a whore, and I've been a whore for a while and had never been called one up until that point. It was hot, I think it was hot because I was drawing out the nasty side of his sexuality that he would never explore with his wife. My theory, admittedly based in part on my own experience, is that behind the desire to dominate is a latent desire to be dominated. Calling someone a cocksucking slut and a little bitch is the shaky drunken proof that you're not that yourself. Not yet... So yes, from that perverse angle I was totally into this with him.

Despite his surprising willingness to cross the line, so to speak, he did seem in the heat of the moment concerned and polite about the fact the he was going to cum in my mouth. I'm not sure if that was a learned reflex based on my firm assumption that his wife does not swallow or if he was genuinely concerned about the possibility of my now wanting that. I did want it though, badly and when the warnings did not stop me sucking he shot an obscenely large load of cum in my mouth. He was a spurter alright. After the first two shots, he pushed my head down on his cock and told me to keep sucking. It was creamy and a little sweet, the taste of an orgasm. He laid there in a state of pure relaxation as his cock slowly softened and I jacked myself off. That didn't take long, I shot one of the heaviest loads I've ever shot in my adult life. Huge streaks of it under the bed, silent wads of cum, shooting underneath him. I'm glad he couldn't see, I would have been embarrassed at such definitive proof of my enjoyment. It was intense, I was soft for hours afterwards, it was that satisfying, normally I stay hard. I'm famous for always staying hard.

In a way he was right, it was easier that way, to watch an outline put money on the table and mutter "thank you" before exiting discreetly. I emailed him to tell him I enjoyed it, I can tell when someone genuinely mean and he was not. I didn't want him to feel guilty. He wrote back briefly to thank me, says he'll be back in town again soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Shy Guys are the nicest

I don't know why but I have found this to be true. The shy ones are more work, at first in any case, they prefer lengthy email communications. This man was no exception. I could tell that he was somewhat 'straight-laced' since his rather laboriously detailed emails showed careful and considered punctuation. He was taking things seriously. Surprisingly, he sent me a full face picture of himself which was honest. He's late 50's white smooth military type. His masculine demeanour made it difficult for him to articulate his desires, which seem to be a more affectionate, tender encounter.

He's well maintained, the kind of gym goer who is basically in shape without being ripped. He has wonderfully smooth skin all over, blemish free, tanned and soft to the touch. His buttocks are perfectly round and pleasant to the touch. When I arrived to his hotel room he admitted to being a little tipsy on wine and apologized to me. He made it clear that he was happy with me "in the flesh" so I proceeded to kiss him. He was wonderfully responsive. I could taste red wine from his kiss, not at all unpleasant. He was dominant but gentle. We stripped item by item and made our way to the bed. Four hundred dollar bills were sitting by the phone.

I quite enjoyed kissing and licking his smooth skin and worhipping his large muscular body. His buttocks were so enticing, I would have enjoyed penetrating them but I knew from our conversations that he did not want that. He seemed to be in ecstasy as my tongue meandered along his inner thighs to his testicles shaft and back down. Impeccably clean and fresh, I couldn't resist the temptation to rim him so I went for it and boy oh boy did he like it. I'm guessing he'd never had it done before.  He shifted his body so as to kneel above my face and I pulled to the front of his thighs  to make make him flex back as I licked between his wonderful buttocks, I alternated slow and fast and I felt waves of contraction as he ejaculated down my torso. I ejaculated myself almost instantly. Nice finish to a long day. We showered together and I left him sleeping with a smile.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Repeat Clients are the Best

I've been seeing this client for a few months now and he's become one of my most enjoyable and most lucrative customers. I had been hoping that our sex would evolve to encorporate some actual sex acts since he's such a handsome guy but he prefers to stick to the role play. We have become increasingly comfortable with each other, and with the fantasy. He spanks me, caresses my buttocks, fingers me, licks my anus sometimes. I adopt a role of total submission, embarassed about my erection, which for some reason, with him, maintains itself hard and heavy. When the sting becomes too much, I beg for mercy and when I'm "convincing" I get it. It's a beautiful contrast between the soft caressing and masturbation he gives me. He likes me to ejaculate on him whenever I feel it and he's been increasingly easy and quick to reach orgasm himself. He's always very respectful and polite in his communication and has never let me down.

I'm starting to build a wardrobe to his taste. He is quite a sulky bear when my clothing is not sufficiently tight and to his taste. I think he knows he's my favorite too. He coyly declines when I offer 'extras'.  I cancel personal things to make his appointments. He pays well, he cums hard. It's ideal really.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Perfect Client

It started out as a working dinner date at Busboys & Poets. I sometimes think the perfect scam for a straight guy would be to pose as an escort that insists on dinner only first dates. Many clients are happy to do dinner - and only dinner - as a first meeting. He was rather well dressed and fresh from the Kennedy Center piano recital. Tall, handsome, confident, imposing looking man with slicked back silver hair and angular features of considerable intensity. In his sixties at a guess.

Rather easy conversationalist, I must admit, I felt at ease with him very quickly. After some brief pleasantries and exchange of compliments he tells me that he's fascinated by my age limit. I will not accept clients under 45 years of age. I tell him the honest answer, that it wouldn't feel right, that I am, and always have been, attracted to mature men. He has a concentration to his gaze and as I sip on my smooth tasting Merlot I realize that I'm attracted to him. He takes what I say at face value, he's not shocked that I'm an ambitious graduate student and also pleasantly interested in my field without seeking out details of my affiliation. He's a retired IMF man, adult children and recently out of his first gay relationship. He's already talking about weekends in his West Virgina holiday home and his Fort Lauderdale time share. My interest is more than peaked. This is what the industry refers to as "The Boyfriend Experience" and I'm all about that, especially when I'm paid by the hour.

He offers to drive me home which I accept. I want a chance to talk business. He's a top which makes me a little uneasy. I can bottom, but I'm not naturally passive. I don't like to promise it to clients as I have to be in the mood, I can't always relax. I tell him that I have to get comfortable with someone in order to be the passive partner and of course protected only. He doesn't object. As we enter my neighborhood I tell him to pull over a few blocks before my building. He takes the hint and avoids the light of the streetlamps. He leans across and kisses me. He's quite sensual, not at all awkward. I reach down and he's hard, I ask if I can see it and he unbuckles and unzips to reveal his manhood with a mischievous grin. It's quite beautiful, the head mushrooms from the shaft. I unzip myself to show him I'm hard. He spits onto his fingers and begins massaging the head of my erection. I'm in ecstasy as he whispers to me "You're beautiful". I go down on him and he's very responsive, he reclines the drivers seat in deep moans of joy. I have to admit I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. He warns that he's nearly there and I intensify my efforts. He shoots three short spurts of creamy semen into my mouth which I eagerly swallow as a toke of my desire to please him. The two of us lay there out of breath for a moment.

"We need to do this properly next time" he says as he fishes out an envelope from his jacket pocket. I think I made the right move, he's a plumb client. I'm looking forward to more with this one.