Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rentboy Express

I have been convinced for some time that clients pay rentboys not because they could not feasibly date one but because it's quicker and more convenient. If any of you have frequented the popular gay dating sites you will notice how jaded gay men have become. Spoiled for choice maybe, but nobody seems to hook up quick these days and if you don't have several pictures to exchange you can forget it.

Rentboys offer a hassle-free alternative. They save time and energy and therein lies their value. I am objectively quite attractive. Certainly above average but not - realistically - to the level of a fashion model. I have done some modeling work but nothing major. Of course, you have to be in good shape, rentboys can't be fat but I do firmly believe it's mostly about convenience. Generally my clients like my clean-cut image and ivy-league education too. However, as much as I would like to flatter myself, being willing and able to do what they want, when they want and where they want it is the key to success in this town.

Upscale hotel, discrete male early 50's with large cock seeks college kid with deepthroating skills. Must be orally talented. Upscale hotel across town asap. I make the unfortunate decision to drive, traffic sucks and parking sucks and by the time I arrive at the hotel room I'm running a full 20 mins late. As I knock on the ornately decorated door I see a flurry of emails coming through. My bad.

Client is not happy. He has to be at a meeting in 20 minutes. He's already dressed for it with an immaculate shirt and tie. He's giving me a bit of a chewing out as I notice just how handsome he is. Perfectly combed silver hair frames his nicely tanned face. Chiseled features, neat moustache, perfect teeth. The kind of silverdaddy I would date in a heartbeat really. I'm regretting my choice to drive as he talks of calling it off. I step closer and touch the soft fabric of his suit trouser. Based on his body language I don't think he wants to kiss. It's relatively common that, it helps some people to feel like they're not cheating, that a certain kind of intimacy is reserved for their wives or partners. It's not macho to kiss, at least not in some people's minds.

I unzip and fish out his cock, he's not wearing underwear. It is rather large, he wasn't lying and I'm not complaining. It's swelling quickly into a beautiful erection. His glans is a beautiful shade of pink even when erect, and it has a lovely texture against the tongue, smooth and hard. I'm rock hard inside my own chinos as I slowly stroke his muscular thighs and calves. "Get naked quick", he's in need of release I can tell. I strip frantically throwing my clothes, haphazard on the floor. This is the truly glorious part of my career. Getting paid to do this is like a drug, totally intoxicating.

I carefully untie his shoes and remove them slowly, left first then the right, safe for the socks. He drops his pants and grabs the hair on my head in his fist as he face fucks me. I notice he's manscaped, trimmed pubes, shaved balls. He knows he's handsome. His skin smells faintly like perfumed soap. He tells me to lie across the bed on my back. I know what he wants. I hang my head over the edge of the bed, the deep throat position. He cups my chin with his hand as he inserts his erection deep into my throat. He stops and revels at the feeling of the soft palate against his glans. He slowly pushes deep into my throat as I swallow, the head almost pops as it goes down. He's in ecstasy with this. He's gentle enough too. He removes to let me catch my breath and inserts again. This time he can't hold hit, he spurts as he withdraws, shooting some on my tongue, the rest across my chest. "Fuck yeah" he chuckles and throws me a towel.

Sometimes I think it might be fun to surprise a client and tell them I want a date. Of course, I would never cross that line but it's fun to think about. I wonder would he be flattered if he knew I would do it all over for free. Or would he feel cheated?

I'm right for this job.


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