Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Perfect Client

It started out as a working dinner date at Busboys & Poets. I sometimes think the perfect scam for a straight guy would be to pose as an escort that insists on dinner only first dates. Many clients are happy to do dinner - and only dinner - as a first meeting. He was rather well dressed and fresh from the Kennedy Center piano recital. Tall, handsome, confident, imposing looking man with slicked back silver hair and angular features of considerable intensity. In his sixties at a guess.

Rather easy conversationalist, I must admit, I felt at ease with him very quickly. After some brief pleasantries and exchange of compliments he tells me that he's fascinated by my age limit. I will not accept clients under 45 years of age. I tell him the honest answer, that it wouldn't feel right, that I am, and always have been, attracted to mature men. He has a concentration to his gaze and as I sip on my smooth tasting Merlot I realize that I'm attracted to him. He takes what I say at face value, he's not shocked that I'm an ambitious graduate student and also pleasantly interested in my field without seeking out details of my affiliation. He's a retired IMF man, adult children and recently out of his first gay relationship. He's already talking about weekends in his West Virgina holiday home and his Fort Lauderdale time share. My interest is more than peaked. This is what the industry refers to as "The Boyfriend Experience" and I'm all about that, especially when I'm paid by the hour.

He offers to drive me home which I accept. I want a chance to talk business. He's a top which makes me a little uneasy. I can bottom, but I'm not naturally passive. I don't like to promise it to clients as I have to be in the mood, I can't always relax. I tell him that I have to get comfortable with someone in order to be the passive partner and of course protected only. He doesn't object. As we enter my neighborhood I tell him to pull over a few blocks before my building. He takes the hint and avoids the light of the streetlamps. He leans across and kisses me. He's quite sensual, not at all awkward. I reach down and he's hard, I ask if I can see it and he unbuckles and unzips to reveal his manhood with a mischievous grin. It's quite beautiful, the head mushrooms from the shaft. I unzip myself to show him I'm hard. He spits onto his fingers and begins massaging the head of my erection. I'm in ecstasy as he whispers to me "You're beautiful". I go down on him and he's very responsive, he reclines the drivers seat in deep moans of joy. I have to admit I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. He warns that he's nearly there and I intensify my efforts. He shoots three short spurts of creamy semen into my mouth which I eagerly swallow as a toke of my desire to please him. The two of us lay there out of breath for a moment.

"We need to do this properly next time" he says as he fishes out an envelope from his jacket pocket. I think I made the right move, he's a plumb client. I'm looking forward to more with this one.

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