Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Shy Guys are the nicest

I don't know why but I have found this to be true. The shy ones are more work, at first in any case, they prefer lengthy email communications. This man was no exception. I could tell that he was somewhat 'straight-laced' since his rather laboriously detailed emails showed careful and considered punctuation. He was taking things seriously. Surprisingly, he sent me a full face picture of himself which was honest. He's late 50's white smooth military type. His masculine demeanour made it difficult for him to articulate his desires, which seem to be a more affectionate, tender encounter.

He's well maintained, the kind of gym goer who is basically in shape without being ripped. He has wonderfully smooth skin all over, blemish free, tanned and soft to the touch. His buttocks are perfectly round and pleasant to the touch. When I arrived to his hotel room he admitted to being a little tipsy on wine and apologized to me. He made it clear that he was happy with me "in the flesh" so I proceeded to kiss him. He was wonderfully responsive. I could taste red wine from his kiss, not at all unpleasant. He was dominant but gentle. We stripped item by item and made our way to the bed. Four hundred dollar bills were sitting by the phone.

I quite enjoyed kissing and licking his smooth skin and worhipping his large muscular body. His buttocks were so enticing, I would have enjoyed penetrating them but I knew from our conversations that he did not want that. He seemed to be in ecstasy as my tongue meandered along his inner thighs to his testicles shaft and back down. Impeccably clean and fresh, I couldn't resist the temptation to rim him so I went for it and boy oh boy did he like it. I'm guessing he'd never had it done before.  He shifted his body so as to kneel above my face and I pulled to the front of his thighs  to make make him flex back as I licked between his wonderful buttocks, I alternated slow and fast and I felt waves of contraction as he ejaculated down my torso. I ejaculated myself almost instantly. Nice finish to a long day. We showered together and I left him sleeping with a smile.


  1. Hey, Chris no falling behind. I like what i have read, keep it up.

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