Sunday, September 9, 2012

Repeat Clients are the Best

I've been seeing this client for a few months now and he's become one of my most enjoyable and most lucrative customers. I had been hoping that our sex would evolve to encorporate some actual sex acts since he's such a handsome guy but he prefers to stick to the role play. We have become increasingly comfortable with each other, and with the fantasy. He spanks me, caresses my buttocks, fingers me, licks my anus sometimes. I adopt a role of total submission, embarassed about my erection, which for some reason, with him, maintains itself hard and heavy. When the sting becomes too much, I beg for mercy and when I'm "convincing" I get it. It's a beautiful contrast between the soft caressing and masturbation he gives me. He likes me to ejaculate on him whenever I feel it and he's been increasingly easy and quick to reach orgasm himself. He's always very respectful and polite in his communication and has never let me down.

I'm starting to build a wardrobe to his taste. He is quite a sulky bear when my clothing is not sufficiently tight and to his taste. I think he knows he's my favorite too. He coyly declines when I offer 'extras'.  I cancel personal things to make his appointments. He pays well, he cums hard. It's ideal really.

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