Friday, October 4, 2013

Back in the Game 50 shades of grey

After a rather long hiatus where I just maintained minimal relations with a few select clients I have neglected to update my website. I'm glad to see that it's still attracting visits from all over the world. My graduate studies have been quite demanding on my time and the serendipitous supplementation of my funding I found like time and less financial need to pursue further clients. I also, given the toning down of my schedule, gave up my profile on men for rent. So for the time being I'm working with regular clients including one client who used to be a non-paying lover.

He's a regional sales manager traveling through the area on a regular basis. Married bear, very hairy deep voice, hung. Sweet smile, like me a lot agreed to become generous. I wasn't sure about this move, moving from the personal to the business relationship. He was getting a little overly attached, started offering to pay for certain things. So I decided to put it straight to him, surprisingly he agreed. We're exploring a little kink. He likes to piss on me, and I like it too. He comes over early in the morning and I kneel naked in the shower. Feels warm and exciting, it really has little odor since it's the result of a water only breakfast and little color. Slightly salty taste on the tongue. Followed by facial ejaculation which feels wonderful as he smears it across my cheeks and across my lips as I finish myself off.

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