Saturday, April 12, 2014

Strategy of the escort - getting it wrong and right

So, as you might guess, us rentboys do try to do some preliminary research. In order for a client to contact me he must reveal either an email address and often a phone number too. The power of Google is great, and sometimes you can find out all you need to know. My preferred clients are older married business exec types. I have nothing against gay men but the ones that seek out escorts sometimes do it for the wrong reasons. I'm looking for straight-laced guys that need to bust a nut, not party guys looking for edgy, risky stuff.

Client number one contacted me via text. I googled his number which had previously been attached to a law firm. I became convinced he was a hot high-power lawyer. So convinced, I agreed to meet him without having a phone conversation. I normally speak to someone before agreeing to meet. I thought this guy was going to be fun. Fuck google. This guy was a freak, I should have known by the less than glamorous hotel that I made a mistake in my research. His hotel door was open and he was watching porn. The room was dark otherwise, couldn't make him out at first. As soon as he opened his mouth I knew I'd made a mistake. If you've seen the Dallas Buyers Club, this guy looked like he belonged in certain scenes. So bad, in fact that I turned right around a left the room. I figured there was nothing much to say so I just left. It's not an enforceable contract. He did follow, but he stopped half-way down the corridor. I think he just wanted to freak me out, and freak me out he did. I think I was doing 60 by before I even left the parking lot. I'm pretty sure I would have made my realization sooner if I had insisted on a phone call. Bad judgement...bad. Lesson learned though.

Client number 2 was a different story. I did research him correctly. Married exec in the pharmaceutical industry. Short chubby, shy, endearing. My 'type' I like 'em like that. He was very enthusiastic about my body. He seemed to like everything about me. He was determined to 'last' but of course he couldn't ... so I jerked off for him after he caught his breath and he caressed my body as he watched. It was very enjoyable, he's going to be a repeat client.

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