Saturday, March 12, 2016

A sweet chubby little man that works in pharmaceuticals

He's been a regular for the past three weeks now. Got a text from him telling me that he saw my profile and that I was new. I said that I was, he said he want's a nice boy to suck him and take his nut on the weekend. Told me he was a chubby married exec. Needs to get off occasionally with a man. He offered $400 for taking his nut and the came to a hotel near me.

I was a little nervous, after having been away from paid action for several years I'm back turning tricks. He gave me the room number so I was able to walk right in. He was happy, I think straight off he liked me. He asked me a few questions about what I study. He seemed endearing, short chunky chubby man, probably a scientist type. All was well and he asked me into the bedroom, I began to strip and he watched and enjoyed. l left my calvin clein black briefs on and got to my knees in front of him. He takes out a rather small erection but still a cute and clean piece. He switched porn onto the television and I went down on him on the bed. He came fast, and heavy inside my mouth. He handed me a towel to spit it out in, which I did and threw it on the bathroom floor.

There was a lot of volume, big shooter that saved up. He wanted me to cuddle and jerk myself off, so I did and he was very flattered that his putting his limp little dick back into my mouth got me off. He asked if I took viagra for clients and was surprised that I don't. He seemed to like me a lot. His key thing is that he need the guy to take him cum in his mouth. His load is huge, he really fills up your mouth, he's one of these guys that saves up and cums crazy heavy loads.

So then got me to massage his feet, short round chubby feet, clean ones. No problem, I kissed and licked around the toes and he got hard again. I sucked him off as he played with my dick, again rock hard and I swallowed his second load.

He sent me home with $700 and only 20mins work time on the clock. I was feeling good for the weekend. Hopefully he'll be a regular for me.

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